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November 26th 2018 - NEW - Female Download Domination Video At ManyVids Tube

Diamond Cums Female Download Domination

Your Cannot Resist!

Experience Magical Domination And EDGE, EDGE, EDGE!

You will watch this and you will listen, to my magic, spoken nine. You will then, not be able to resist, but to download the full version, of this video of mine. I am Diamond Cums, you cannot resist....

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October 29th 2018 - NEW -The Queen's Shadows - Secrets Of Sexual Sorcery - The Spells Of Diamond Cums

Diamond Cums Magic Spells Of Sexual Sorcery

Your Powerful, Personal & Genuine, Sex Magic Spell Casting Service!

Experience A New, Ancient Way Of Existing, Ecstatically.

After much consideration, I've decided to allow those genuinely interested, to learn about and experience, the sacred arts of sexual sorcery, via downloadable MP3's, live cam shows and phone sessions.  Sex magic should be experienced to be believed, as with all things.  Just like the tasting of a new delicacy, you must allow yourself time to get to know the very real essence of it's flesh. 

Why have I made this decision?  I made this decision because I see far too much hatred and hiding in our world, far too much greed and great destruction.  I notice, as you probably do too, that the light has dimmed and we risk falling into chaos and complete darkness.  As you'll read below and can listen to in my message that I recorded for you last night, magic is love, deep, intense, passionate, sexual love.  Our world needs love.  We need love.  Our world needs light.  We need light.  Don't you agree?

So, you might ask, how can what we do, how can what you experience help and make a difference to all things?  That, you will learn and that, you will know.  Soon I hope.  For we and the sexual pleasure we feel are the true ways of things.  We are the love and the light that can shine like a diamond, glistening, sparkling, for all to see.  Nothing, sparkles more brightly than a diamond!

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October 27th 2018 - NEW Diamond Cums Video - Here Cums The Creampe Queen

Why hello!

A new Diamond Cums video for you, I've uploaded quite a few new videos this week, including 'Here Cums The Creampie Queen' both to my clip stores and to Cumelot Castle. Give into me as I ride you hard and submit your soul and your cum completely!

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October 27th 2018 - NEW Diamond Cums Video - The Cum Drawing - A Spell By Your Queen Diamond Cums Extreme Halloween Darkness

Hello to Halloween!

I've just finished editing and uploading my new Diamond Cums Halloween 2018 videoI have just finished uploading not one, but two different versions of my XXX Medieval Fantasy Cosplay clips to

Also uploaded @ Cumelot Castle

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October 16th 2018 - Welcome To - Your Sexy NEW Medieval Fantasy Cosplay Site!

Well hello!

I see you've found your way to my naughty magical Kingdom!  I do hope that you are following my code of conduct correctly and have offered your Queen a generous Tribute?  Ignorance is not an excuse, so please ensure that your cash has been given before continuing your journey.  I also appreciate ALL gifts greatly, my Wishlist can be found at Amazon HERE...please find your way there too!

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