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Financial Domination - Are You Up For It?  Need Something More Intense?

Financial Domination - The Magical Way, With Diamond Cums

Financial domination is probably one of the fastest growing of all of the online fetishes.  You only have to visit sites like Twitter and type in the hashtag #findom into the search box or search for the full term 'financial domination' to find out.  The fetish community even has it's own findom (financial domination) forums that act rather like job centers for those who seek to explore this kink.  Second only to femdom, (female domination) it operates the same as most other similar fetishes, where one party serves and the other dominates, albeit financially.  With thousands of clips being uploaded daily to sites like and, what makes Financial Domination with Diamond Cums, different?

How Does Financial Domination Typically Work?

Most online financial domination includes a form of power exchange, in one way or another.  Typically, tips (tributes) and gifts are given in exchange for dominating words or actions, provided by the femdomme.  This can include the suggestion of physical domination, the use of hypnotic domination (mind fuck) as well as psychological domination.  Degrading words are usually used by the financial dominatrix to the submissive party, also commonly known as the paypig, human ATM, pig, piggy or such like.  The threat of punishment or humiliation is then used to stimulate the submissive into paying up to avoid suffering the consequences.

Financial domination forums work rather like traditional dating agencies, where the financial dominatrix, also know as the humiliatrix, findomme, goddess, brat, spoiled princess or mistress, uploads a profile to be matched with a local suitable sub.  Once matched, they then form an agreement, based on guidelines or 'rules' set out by the domme.  This type of fetish based dating allows for the development of both short and long-term relationships.  Rarely though, is pleasure experienced by the domme who mostly views the arrangements as purely business ones.  The job of the findomme is to dominate and the job of the sub is to pay.  Domination is provided in exchange for money and gifts purchased from wishlists, according to given instruction.  The domme will rarely have any contact with subs who have not paid or purchased and tips or gifts offered by the sub without prior permission or instruction to do so, will mostly go unacknowledged.

Does Financial Domination Cost A Lot Of Money?

Financial domination is a female domination fetish that is flexible and tailored to suit the financial situation of the submissive party.  The finances of the applicant are assessed by the findomme who then requests that all and any surplus money left over, after bills have been paid, are given via a tribute to the domme. The subby or slave then has to agree to pay the suggested and agreed amount, ranging from as little as $20 per week to a few thousand.  The financial dominatrix acts like a financial adviser and accountant, allowing set amounts of money, for the sub to manage on and live off.  The domme frequently ends up portraying similar characteristics to that of a creditor, providing unpleasant ultimatums if money is not paid on time, with interest added for failure of payment.  Subs are regularly seen being humiliated into living in lower than standard conditions in order to allow for greater sums to be tributed.

Due to the obvious additional income generating potential of this findom fetish, you will often find young, part-time 'cash princesses' accepting low tributes in exchange for various things.  The professional or so-called 'elite financial dominatrix' will only accept a much larger tribute in exchange for privately arranged but richer rewards.  Whilst much of the above may be an enjoyable passtime for couples already in relationships, those entering into financial domination arrangements with careless and unexperienced dommes, can easily find themselves deep in debt, with no way out.  This can prove very destruction and dangerous.  Additionally, a lot of what is now commonly done, is actually against the law and can cause a great deal of stress for the sub and his possible family.

Financial Domination With Diamond Cums - How Is It Different?

A message from your Queen...

As you may be aware already from reading the words on my website, I do not follow the same 'copy-cat' path as your bog-standard domme.  I believe in a brighter way of life, where we are all free to live in peace with one another, free of torture, slavery, poverty, hunger and debt.  A world where we work together to create goodness and greatness for the future.  A world where every man, woman and child is loved and appreciated for their individuality, not hindered or humiliated by it.  These are the dark ways of desperate people in terrible times.  It is not necessary to subject yourself to such acts simply in order to feel the ebb and flow of a domme versus submissive relationship.  There are other, safer, older, deeper and more intense magical ways.

The magical financial domination I offer is probably far away from what you may be used to, financial domination wise, within the fetish world.  It is a form that no other has the inclination or ability to offer.  It is one that will penetrate you, right down, to the very core of your being.  One that magically dominates and seduces you, erotically and passionately to tip and spoil me.  As a willing servant of my Kingdom, not a slave.  There is a huge difference.

I, am Diamond Cums, Queen of a Kingdom that stretches to the furthest points of the imagination and the land.  My reach is far and wide and my word, powerful, when heard.  When you listen to my spoken word and watch and interact with me, you will feel my power, my magic and my strength, like an unstoppable force, in your sexual energy centers.  It will make you surrender yourself and you will desire to do nothing else but submit to my will and serve me.  It will take you down, right down, into the core, before lifting you up again and letting you fly.  It is just as you reach the peak of your flight that you will know true domination and true submission.  You will understand the meaning of what it means to give of yourself, to give up yourself to a greater force and power.  To dedicate yourself to the service of your Goddess.  Nobody can make you feel the way I can.  I am all there is, there is no more.

My people, my servants, all serve a purpose in my Kingdom that is defined by their own unique skills, abilities, kinks, preferences, finances and needs.  More than that, my servants are my friends, my lovers and my sources of support.

So, would you like to submit and support me, your Queen, financially?  Would you like to feel that total cosmic, submission as you dedicate your cash, that takes you to the stars and beyond?  Would you adore to please and pleasure me by helping me to pay the bills of my own Kingdom, nurture the animals in my sanctuary and allow me to dedicate more of my time to creating my mystical content for you to enjoy?  Would you care to feel the power of my spoken word and feel it fueling your financial domination fetish, encouraging your generosity, as I seduce you sexually with sorcery?  To fund and spoil me so that I can feel the loving sexual joy of receiving what you offer? 

In exchange you will receive my friendship, feel my magic, my love, my guidance, my insights, my secrets, my selfies, myself and much more.  You will also receive ongoing, multiple, magical, orgasmic sensations as I move throughout you, under, above and around you.  You will become mine, all mine, all day and all night.  Your days will be filled with daydreams of me, your nights with all manner of midnight journeys as you sleep. 

You will not however, receive insults or any such like or be expected to suffer pain.  I appreciate all and any support and always reward generosity and loyalty.  Be warned though, I choose my friends carefully and lovers, more so.  You will be assessed and you will be commited to serve, once you dedicate yourself to your new cause, your Queen.  Can you resist?  Forever Diamond Cums xxx"

If you are interested in experiencing exclusive Diamond Cums magical financial domination or female domination, please apply in writing, by email, once you have offered your tribute and gifts below:

Arriving empty handed at the gate, is a real no-no in the eyes of the Queen.  On the other hand, arriving laden with genuine diamonds, gold, gemstones, other gifts and a sack full of coins is clearly a much better way to get yourself noticed.

Elevate yourself in the eyes of her majesty in the wisest way possible and you'll soon be rewarded with recognition and be able rise the ranks rapidly.  Choose your gifts carefully from her Wishlist here and then splash some cash.  Once Diamond has received your gifts and tribute she will send word via a message to discuss your potential place.

Feel, as you read this magically enchanted poem, yourself, not being able to resist her...

Be you a Peasant or be you a Prince, your sack of gold, let my magic now rinse.  Let not your current social status stand in your way, show me your worth, upon this fine day!"

Forever Diamond Cums

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