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Want To Try Something Different?  Want To Feel REAL Ancient Magical Power?

SUBMIT To & SERVE A Genuine Sorceress Queen & Experience The Intense Ecstatic Energy Of The Emerald Isles!

Diamond Cums - Elf Queen of the Kingdom of Cumelot offers many positions of servitude, within her personal bedchambers, castle and also throughout the surrounding lands.  To be considered for service is both an honour and privilege and those who have been blessed with being offered a place within the Kingdom, soon discover that their lives are transformed in many wonderfully pleasurable and mystical ways.

Known by many names before, Diamond, is both a wise and powerful 'deified' Queen, whose magic can be felt, seen and heard from great distances.  She really is the True Lady of the Land of Everlasting Lust and Light. High Priestess Of Avalon and THE most powerful Erotic Enchantress of the ancient isles.

 Whether you feel drawn to offer yourself in person, live on the phone, via webcam or at a distance, it is required that you offer a generous tribute, to first show your sincerity and your love.  Many people send pathetic unpaid messages to the Castle and attempt to scale the walls, in hope of unauthorised access to that which lies within.   This type of behaviour is not permitted and you be eternally banished.

Magical Female Domination & Financial Domination With Diamond Cums

Want To Find Out More Financial Domination?  Read this FinDom article here...

If you are interested in experiencing exclusive Diamond Cums magical financial domination or female domination, please apply in writing, by email, once you have offered your tribute and gifts below:

Arriving empty handed at the gate, is a real no-no in the eyes of the Queen.  On the other hand, arriving laden with genuine diamonds, gold, gemstones, other gifts and a sack full of coins is clearly a much better way to get yourself noticed.

Elevate yourself in the eyes of her majesty in the wisest way possible and you'll soon be rewarded with recognition and be able rise the ranks rapidly.  Choose your gifts carefully from her Wishlist here and then splash some cash.  Once Diamond has received your gifts and tribute she will send word via a message to discuss your potential place.

Feel, as you read this magically enchanted poem, yourself, not being able to resist her...

Be you a Peasant or be you a Prince, your sack of gold, let my magic now rinse.  Let not your current social status stand in your way, show me your worth, upon this fine day!"

Forever Diamond Cums

Tribute Your Queen With CASH Below To Be Considered:

Applications With Larger Cash Tributes Gain Greater Favour:


JOIN ME LIVE on cam throughout the week to Tribute GOLD at

More information may be offered at a later date regarding specific openings for the various positions of servitude.

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"Add me to your faves, tip me offline, then message me to start to serve."

The more you tip, the more you please Diamond Cums and the greater your reward!

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